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Ukraine, Chernivtsi

Info for Support

Order execution time:

    1 unit (individual) - 3-7 working days
    1 unit (in a group of not identical leotards) - 4-6 working days
    1 unit (in a group of identical leotards) - 2-4 working days

(new models as well as models with changes may take longer)

  •     The price of models from our website includes rhinestones ss16 size 100pcs. (except economy Options). For a present.
  •      For a present an elastic scrunchy (except for economy options)
  •     Discount for group models (from 5 pieces of the same tights, which were ordered at the same time) -10% (except for economy options). This discount does not work during promotions and seasonal discounts.
  • When ordering more than 50 leotards (per year), personal discounts apply. This discount does not work during promotions and seasonal discounts.
  •    Sewing urgent orders, in season (September - December), skip the line 3-5 days + 25% to the cost of leotard, provided that there is an opportunity to be in time.
How to make an order
To place an order you need to go to the "Order" page
Or use the "Contacts" page and ask us a question directly from our website.

For any model can sew leggings with a similar pattern:
  • order mesh leggings without a pattern + 25 $ to the cost
  • order fabric leggings without a pattern + 25 $ to the cost
  • order mesh leggings with a pattern + 20% to the cost
  • order fabric leggings with a pattern + 20% to the cost

How to choose the number of beige mesh layers?

Beige mesh layers are selected individually.
A leotard can have 1 or 2 layers and it depends on the requirement in the sport or region (country).
For example: If your child is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, then most likely you need 1 layer of mesh.
If acrobatic then 2 layers of mesh or 1 layer of cloth.
If you live and perform in Europe or America, then 1 layer, if in Japan, then exactly 2 layers.
You can choose the desired option yourself and we will make it in your order.

How to place an order according to your sketch?

You can make an order according to your sketch or photo.

To order new leotards (which are not on our website ),  or discuss design changes you must send a letter - request for our Email: or use Page "Contacts" ask us a question directly from our site.

You can add your images by filling out the order form.
The cost of leotard that requires development and testing (according to your photo or sketch) = $250- $385  without rhinestones.
Please note that we reserve the right to display the result of the work in our gallery if the leotard was sewed by the publicly available photo from the Internet. If the design was for a personal (unique) sketch and this is stipulated, then the leotard is not exposed.

Send your questions, you can just ask on the phone, Viber, Telegram, Whats App  +38-097-971-05-78 (Lena)

After receipt of the final application, we will send you an invoice indicating the total amount of the order and postal services, as well as details for payment.
Please note that in case of cancellation of the order (after payment and queuing), when you return the money, 20% of the amount will not be returned. How to pay booking a place in queue.
Rhinestones cost
What does a different amount of rhinestones look like
How to take measurements
After placing an order, you will receive an invoice letter in which there will be a link to the measurement table, it will contain images and a description of how to take measurements from the child. Here you can additionally familiarize yourself with what measurements are needed and how to take them.
Women's measurements
Leg measurements
The measurements for legs You make only, if it is necessary to shew leggins and unitard.
Men's measurements
Product Care
Since little gymnasts performed about 4 times a year, we advise to wash less and more ventilate leotards outdoors, and if necessary zastiryvat exclusively contaminated sites

If there is a need to wash it, please consider our recommendations:
  • Do not wash in the washing machine!
  • Give a soak into with liquid powder for delicate wash. Without bleach
  • Wash in cold or warm water.
  • Only hand wash with liquid detergent for colored laundry.
  • Do not bleach!
  • Dipped in water, lightly rub the soiled place.
  • Rinse out.
  • Do not wring or twist! Just let drain or squeeze in a towel.
  • Hang to dry on hangers.
  • Do not iron!

Keep your leotard in a dry place, on the shoulders, in a special pouch!

We hope that this information will help extend the life of your outfit!


1. Нова пошта - only for Ukraine payment upon receipt

  2. UPS (7-14 working days)
                 1 unit - 45 -60 US$ (depending on delivery area)
                 + 10 US$ for each additional unit);

  3. Other: Be sure to include your preferred shipping method in the "Note" text box at the bottom of the order form.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the period of postal forwarding may vary depending on some circumstances related to the congestion of postal services. (for example: holidays, natural disasters, etc.)

Return and exchange policy
Please read the terms carefully.

    According to the "Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights Protection", underwear and swimwear are included in the list of good quality goods and cannot be exchanged or returned.
    When you receive your swimsuit, we strongly recommend that you try it on your underwear until you are sure it suits you. Only then can the tags be removed.
     If the swimsuit does not fit for any reason, you must notify us about the problems of the product within 2 days from the date of receipt of the product.

We understand that ordering a swimsuit online can sometimes be challenging. We want you to be completely satisfied with your product and always meet our customers halfway and are ready to help fix the problem, even if the measurements were taken by you incorrectly.
In this case, the shipment of the product is made at the expense of the client.

    Return or exchange of a product is made for objective reasons and is possible within 2 working days after receiving the product in the following cases:

If the product is made according to other (not your) measurements.
If the product has a defect that cannot be corrected.
If there is a defect in the hardware that cannot be corrected
If there is a violation of the integrity of the tissue (if it is not possible to fix it)
and other manifest manufacturing defects that cannot be corrected.
The product must be without signs of use, in its original packaging and all tags.
In these cases, We can provide a new product according to your measurements as soon as possible, or return the money to you.

    With a refund, only the cost of the swimsuit and decor is guaranteed to be refunded.

 Please read and complete the measurements page very carefully, double-checking before sending. The manufacturer does not accept claims for products made according to incorrectly removed or incorrectly specified measurements.

    Used (second-hand) products cannot be returned.

The product cannot be returned if at the time of receipt it was damaged due to the fault of the postal service.
Note! A defect resulting from inaccurate handling of the goods during the fitting process cannot be a reason for a return.

    Return shipping is always at the buyer's expense.
Please note that in case of cancellation of the order (after payment and queuing), upon return of funds, 20% of the amount will not be returned. How to pay for booking a place in the queue.
In case of loss of the parcel by the postal service after a full investigation, it is possible to sew a new product (an exact copy) or a partial refund.
In the event of a delay in postal items in transit,
untimely arrival of the parcel, which is directly related to the work (with congestion) of postal services (for example: holidays, natural disasters, etc.)
Atelier "Colibri" is not responsible.

International delivery and customs clearance.
The product may be subject to customs clearance depending on the customs value of the goods.
As a buyer, you should be aware of the possible:
- import duties and taxes that buyers should pay.
- brokerage fees payable at time of delivery.
Your country's customs office can provide more details.



  • Manager Olga
Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger
Phone +380957538789

  • Designer Olena Ushakova
Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger
Phone +380506642957

Ukraine, Chernivtsi