we sew leotards for rhythmic gymnastics, ice skating, group acrobatics and aerobics

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

On photo leotard decorated by:
Rhinestones DMC 1000
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The cost of the model includes: fabric, sewing, author painting on fabric, applique and scrunchie.

Rhinestones 100 pieces DMC in the gift.
Please, indicate in the order notes if they do not need to be glued. We will send them separately.

You can additionally order any number of rhinestones, mirrors, pearls. You can calculate the cost of a decorated leotard by clicking the "PRICE" button.

In the cost of leotard economy class, decor is not included.

Our products are not mass-produced and the model is a work of authorship, that is why when sewing may be little different from the sample on the photo.
We present to you some of our work and we bring our thanks to the authors, who created the originals.

The idea of this model is taken from a photo, master unknown to us. Please let us know if you know who the author of the original.

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  • Director Andrey Ushakov
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Ukraine, Chernivtsi
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